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Keep Your PC Happy and Healthy

Keep Your PC Happy and Healthy

Tips for extending the life of your computer, a power-saving tool, and two really cool Web sites.

My buddy, a network administrator, insists on leaving his PC on day and night. He says that the system’s RAM, CPU, and hard drive can be harmed by turning the system on and off.
I agree that treating the computer like a microwave and flipping the switch a dozen times a day could cause problems. But turning it on in the morning and off at night? Not a big deal.
Either way, it’s still a controversy. But I’ll tell you what I do: I turn it off at night. With two monitors and three hard drives, I burn up energy even with power saving settings.
For more on saving energy, read Microsoft’s article, “Do you need to turn off your PC at night?”
Dig This: Need another reason to turn off your computer? I’ll bet you don’t have any idea what happens on your desktop in the middle of the night. Watch this actual video screen capture to learn the shocking truth.

Free Tool to Save Energy

I’m experimenting with UniBlue’s free Local Cooling program. The downloadable software gives you an easy way to control the power consumption of a PC. Once loaded, you can set the tool to switch off the monitor, spin down the hard drives, and hibernate to PC after a specific time.
What’s cool is seeing the amount of energy you’re saving. After a short while, I’ve saved 0.139 trees (a redwood, I hope), 1.265 gallons of gas (probably unleaded), and 2.63 Kwh of power. The site claims over 11,000 users have joined, and I’m one of them.

Granted, the power saving estimates are just that–estimates. But it keeps my attention focused on saving energy and possibly helps to decrease global warming.
Dig This: What’s that bug, you ask? The one that’s uglier than ugly, and scary to boot? Send a picture to the nifty Whats That Bug site and get an expert to identify it. Before you send an image, check the existing IDs located on the home page.

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