Tuesday Sep 27, 2022

Things Every PC User Should Know

Want to speed up your broadband connection? Diagnose mysterious crashes? Move massive files across the Internet? Sooner or later, you will — and you’ll find step-by-step instructions for these and other common PC tasks right here. Find Out What Your PC Is Really Up ToThe Windows Task Manager provides a good start when you try […]

Keep Your PC Happy and Healthy

Tips for extending the life of your computer, a power-saving tool, and two really cool Web sites. My buddy, a network administrator, insists on leaving his PC on day and night. He says that the system’s RAM, CPU, and hard drive can be harmed by turning the system on and off.I agree that treating the […]

What Is the Best Way to Unstick My Frozen PC?

Get your computer going again; synchronize Outlook data between two PCs; copy Excel formulas–exactly. Q. How do I get my computer going again when it freezes and doesn’t respond to the keyboard?Name withheld upon requestA. Is it really frozen, or just very slow? Take a short break, and if everything’s working again when you get […]

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